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In my fifteen years working as a lawyer, with both domestic and foreign clients, I have acquired significant experience over a broad spectrum of fields of law, with special focus on commercial law, companies law and tax law. My working languages are Croatian and English equally, and I have passive knowledge of Italian and Russian. My goal is to provide my clients with a comprehensive legal assistance, in the manner best suited to their business objectives and not adding any additional burden to their day-to-day business.

  • 2007 – master’s degree at the Faculty of Law, University of Rijeka
  • 2008 – started working as a trainee lawyer
  • 2008 – appointed as a Certified Court Translator/Interpreter for English
  • 2009 – passed the bar exam with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia
  • 2013 – admitted to the Croatian Bar Association
  • 2015 – participated in the European Lawyers’ Programme with the Faculty of Advocates in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 2016 – passed the Aptitude Test for EU Qualified Lawyers with the Law Society of Scotland
  • 2022 – started an independent legal practice

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Rijeka, Ive Marinkovića 12, 2nd floor


  • legal assistance tailored to the client’s business needs
  • drafting and analysis of commercial contracts
  • representation in disputes before commercial courts and ADR procedures


  • assistance regarding legal aspects of organisation and business of companies and other business entities
  • representation in negotiations and legal assistance in structuring intended transactions
  • drafting and analysis of legal acts on incorporation, acquisitions, changes (changes in shareholder structure, management, etc.), status changes (mergers, divisions etc.) and winding up of companies
  • legal due diligence
  • representation before the Court Register of the competent commercial court
  • representation in disputes before commercial courts and ADR procedures
  • comprehensive legal support in organisation (drafting manager employment agreements, legal assistance and drafting agreements and other acts in the field of labour law) and business (obtaining permits, protection of intellectual property, representation in negotiations with banks and other financial institutions, etc.)
  • representation in offence proceedings arising out of the company’s business activity


  • legal advisory on issues of tax and other public duties
  • representation in tax proceedings, offence proceedings before the Tax Administration and administrative disputes


  • representation in enforcement proceedings (drafting enforcement proposals and other submissions, representation in court hearings
  • representation in pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy proceedings (drafting proposals to declare bankruptcy, claim reports, representation in court hearings, representation in the assembly/board of creditors)


  • legal advice on structuring transactions regarding real estate
  • drafting and legal analysis of agreements on acquisition/changes/cessation of real rights on real estate (sale and purchase agreements, donation agreements, servitude agreements, mortgage agreements, etc.)
  • drafting and legal analysis of lease and rental agreements
  • representation in proceedings before the Land Registry of the competent court
  • representation in property law disputes (establishment and protection of ownership etc.)

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